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About Roots Radicals

Based in Berlin, Germany, Roots Radicals is an authentic, handcrafted, and zero-waste food company that aims to reconnect people with food.

Food is a vehicle of values, culture, and identity. It builds communities. It can change us, reconnect us, and raise our consciousness and awareness. At Roots Radicals, we want to bring the idea of the ‘production kitchen’ to our community by eventually creating a hub in Berlin: an open kitchen, food store, and Café. We believe that showing all processes of how our food is prepared will offer a window to reconnect to a process we sadly no longer experience. 
Community, education, information, and transparency are fundamental to us. Care, time, and love are our added ingredients, as we believe they carry the magic and wisdom needed to channel lost traditions.
Roots Radicals is taking part in the fight against food waste! We believe in the Circular Economy and cook focused on efficiency, zero-waste, and upcycling. Through culinary innovation, we create new products and processes that help us design the so-called “waste” out of the food system: we upcycle rescued food into delicious products and upcycle from our own processes. 

Find below a display of some of our products available at our online store. We constantly innovate and create new products that can be also found at our Saturday market stand at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
With a seasonal, regional, and cultural focus, our products are primarily long-lasting conserves such as pickles, ferments, sauces, soups, vinegar, fruit preserves, and spices. All delicious products are suitable for daily cooking and special occasions. We look to inspire and empower people to change habits of consumption by shifting our participation from a ‘throw-away’ economy to participation in a ‘circular economy.’ 
Roots Radicals conducts the effort of our team in transitioning from competition to cooperation, from manipulation to emergence, and from hiding and over-protecting to sharing. We are part of the change we want to see in the world. Please consider subscribing to our mailing list to stay in touch and receive the latest news from our process. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and if you have any thoughts or ideas, you can contact us directly.
If you feel like being part of our community, a great place to start is on this website! You can sign-up to create a profile and start sharing with us what inspires your transition to a circular economy and your zero-waste secrets, and while you do, earn points that can be used to purchase our products! Come back often to read our blog posts and stay in touch to be the first to enjoy our workshops and courses.

Jar Deposits 'Pfand'

  • All products include a €0.25 jar deposit, a.k.a ‘Pfand’ in Germany. We are happy to receive only clean jars back in our hub at Atelier Gardens. See our contact page for the address and operating hours.

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  • No delivery fee for local pick-ups at our hub located in Atelier Gardens, see our contact page for the address and operating hours. 

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