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For some reason when we cook, we decide certain portions of fruits and vegetables are “good” and other parts are “bad”. Take peels, for example. The sturdy skins often carry a payload of nutrients, sugars and other flavor bearing elements. Nevertheless we cut and trim and toss them away. WHY?!? At Roots, we can’t answer that question and so we have learned to love the peel. We save the peels from nearly every production and transform them into fragrant spice blends. And the crown jewel in our upcycled spice cabinet is the aromatic BBQ Rub. 

With a base of salt and raw sugar, our BBQ Rub is made with a selected blend of our upcycled spices: baked garlic, harissa, sambal, and even the peels from our Banana BBQ Sauce. Zesty and tangy, it represents the true potential of circular cooking! You can use Roots Radicals BBQ Rub to season meat, veggies, potatoes, or anything else that goes on the grill. Additionally, it works great as a flavor booster for rice, beans, marinades, hummus, or a smoky baba ganoush.

Roots Radicals is a zero waste, circular economy food company. 

Store in a dry, cool place.

Ingredients. Tomatoes, garlic, onion peels, sambal flakes, black pepper, cane sugar, salt. This is a vegan and gluten-free product.

Glass jar models may be different from the product photograph due to variations in size.