Cauliflower Stalk Escabeche


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After producing our delicious piccalilli, we are left with a lot of cauliflower stalks. We love their meatiness and decided to make this marinade to share our joy with the rest of the world. Inspired by Spanish and Peruvian “Escabeche”, the base is made with Pimentón de la Vera, olive oil, bay leaves, oregano and vinegar. Specially recommended to have as an aperitif to any meal, with bread or potato chips and a nice glass of wine!

Roots Radicals is a zero waste, circular economy food company. Our Cauliflower Stalk Escabeche is 80% upcycled from our Piccalilli production and contains plus 20% upcycled ingredients.

Ingredients. Cauliflower, olive oil, apple vinegar, carrots, onions, garlic, hot paprika, bay, black pepper, salt, seasoning. This is a vegan + gluten-free product.

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Notify me when the item is back in stock.