Green Tomato Lime Hot Sauce


At the end of last year’s growing season our friends at TinyFarms came to us with all the green tomatoes that did not manage to ripen. These became the heart of a number of products ranging from pickles and chutneys, to syrups and jams.

Green tomatoes are tart and firm and their texture and freshness makes them a perfect ingredient for preservation. We hope to showcase the potential of this special ingredient that is often overlooked.

This hot sauce pairs the tartness of green tomatoes and lime with the heat of jalapeño. Notes of ripe banana and black pepper create harmony. A slow fermentation have allowed the flavors to meld together and develop. This sauce pairs excellently with seafood or coconut based curries and dishes. It works well alongside rich ingredients: mix with melted butter to dress roasted vegetables or a few drops to finish a guacamole.


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