Panca Rock Hot Sauce


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This sauce is based on Peruvian Panca chilis which provide their fruity flavor and deep red color. A base of fermented plums and slow roasted onion gives the sauce body and sweetness while habanero and pepperoni bring the heat. Rounded off with warm spices, vanilla, and 19 Grams ‘Don Martin’ coffee, this sauce is one we know you’ll love. It pairs well with other bold flavors and is an excellent companion for any barbecue.

Roots Radicals is a zero waste, circular economy food company.

Ingredients. Plums, chili Panca, Peperoni chili, Habanero Chili, onion, sugar, Coffee, rapeseed Oil, salt, green pepper, vanilla, allspice nutmeg, xanthan gum. This is a vegan and gluten-free product.

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