Quince Paste


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Roots Radicals quince paste carries the delicious perfume of the fruit, while providing a sweet and delicious touch to any cheese plate and breakfast table.  The aromatic fruit is slowly cooked with sugar until its own natural pectin starts to be released, giving this paste its jelly-like structure. It goes really nicely with walnuts, pairs beautifully with cheese, in salads, with bread or on its own as natural quince candy with some tea! This paste is commonly referred to as “membrillo” in Spain, which is served as a snack or dessert, providing a somewhat tangy flavor.

Roots Radicals is a zero waste, circular economy food company. Our Quince Paste is made with 100% rescued quince. By-products were upcycled into becoming a very special quince vinegar.

Keep in your fridge, consume preferably within 1 month.

Ingredients. Quince, cane sugar, lemon juice. This is a vegan + gluten-free product.