Upcycled Plastic Logo Cutting Board by Minimono

19,90 24,90 

This cutting board is made from 100% regenerated HDPE plastic. Formed from the scraps and leftovers of food industry plastic productions, each colorful cutting board reimagines industrial waste. Perfect for chopping, serving, and as a hot plate use. Your  cutting board can be cleaned with water and a mild kitchen soap, and you can even store it hanging in your kitchen.

This cutting board is the product of a collaboration of MINIMONO with Roots Radicals. Inspired by the organic forms of the Roots Radicals logos, each board intrinsically represents the shared values of both of our projects. To optimize the material, they are cut with cnc machines and are then finished by hand in their workshop in Berlin. All the our cut-offs are sent to MINIMONO’s partner studio in Jasin, Poland to be transformed into new products. 



Free of Toxins

Unique in color and pattern

100% Recyclable  

Made in Germany


Photo Credit to Camila Berrio.