Fermented Lemons


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This Product is alive and fermented if you live outside Berlin you will received it packed and vacuumed be sure to take it out. There is also a plastic weight to keep lemons submerged, we advice you to re-use as it’s very handy for other fermented home-made products 🙂 Read below for further info on how to take care of them at Home.

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Our fermented lemons shine like the sun and their taste is very special! After over a month of fermentation, lemons lose their bitterness and gain their characteristic citrus and complex tartness. In Northern Africa, they are used as a condiment, for example, to flavor stews in Moroccan cuisine. They can also be used to flavor butter, mixed with olives as an appetizer, to make mayonnaise, to aromatize rice, to make risotto, or to add to any stew. The flesh, the skin, and the liquid are all delicious. Highly-recommended extra tip: add some of the pulp to your hummus, and then some of the lemon skin diced on top.

Roots Radicals fermented lemons are alive. This means that you will be taking with you a probiotic healthy product that, with time, will continue to evolve. Some important things you need to know to take proper care of them are: ⁠

  1. Make sure they are always submerged. ⁠
  2. If you run out of liquid just add more water or lemon juice.⁠
  3. Place them in your fridge, where the fermentation will be slower.
  4. If you see any white coming up, this is because they have been exposed to oxygen, but it is harmless yeast called Kahm. You can just skim it off, wash your lemons and continue to use them.

Roots Radicals is a zero-waste, circular economy food company. Our fermented lemons are made with 95% rescued ingredients.

Ingredients. Lemons, sea salt. This is a vegan + gluten-free product.

Glass jar models may be different from the product photograph due to variations in size.

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Weight 650 g