Radical Tote Bags


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Our feisty, EarthPositive® tote bags are made from 100% certified organic, climate-neutral cotton. The rich, hand-dyed colors and screen-printed designs are lovingly applied by local Berlin artists, Rike and Jana. With our zero-waste totes you can shop in style while, most importantly, supporting ethical production and the circular economy!

Available in the following designs.

  • The “Zero Waste is Hot” tote bag combines a luxurious yellow base with accents of royal purple and deep coral.
  • The “Zero Waste is Circular” tote bag combines a rich black base with accents of baby blue and pale pistachio.
  • The “Zero Waste is Spicy” tote bag combines a deep, forest green base with hints of whispery pink and playful lilac.
  • The “Zero Waste is Sweet” tote bag combines a cotton candy pink base with accents of fire engine red and bold turquoise.

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Zero Waste is Circular, Zero Waste is Hot, Zero Waste is Spicy, Zero Waste is Sweet