Roots Radicals Gift Boxes

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Roots Radicals delicious and sustainable Gift Boxes. For your staff, your Friends or just for yourself!

As the holiday season approaches, we are excited to share that we’ve carefully curated a great variety of sustainable gift boxes filled with high quality, zero-waste products from Roots Radicals. The contents have been thoughtfully chosen to make this holiday season extra special for those who you care about.

With a seasonal, regional, and cultural focus our products are mostly long-lasting conserves such as pickles, ferments, sauces, soups, vinegars, fruit preserves, dried foods and spices. All delicious products suitable for day-to-day cooking as well as for special occasions.

Flavour Booster:
If you love to cook but don’t have always enough time,
this is the set for you! 
Our Roots Radicals Flavour Booster Giftbox is a must-have in every kitchen. These 5 classics are vibrant additions to any dish that not only taste good, but feel good too. Baked Garlic Paste, Vinegar, Veggie Bouillon and 2 Spices. The set comes with one of our “Zero-Waste” Tote Bags – Organic and hand pressed in Berlin – plus a 10% discount code for our online shop.

The Hot Bundle – Large or Small:
Feeling Extra Spicy? Are you the biggest fan of our hot and spicy products? Then this Zero Waste is HOT bundle is for you! Get a large or small mix of our favorite selection! An extra 10% discount on your next purchase is included for repeat! We’ve curated a Large and a Small Hot Bundle Gift box.

The Surprice Box:
For the lovers of surprises, do you want to taste a variety of Roots Radicals food specialties, made with 40-100% rescued fruits & vegetables? Get between 4 and 6 of our favorite seasonal delicacies. Get surprised with delicious taste without waste. An extra 10% discount on your next purchase is included!

The Chutney Bundle:
Who doesn’t love a brunch spread with delicious chutneys? Chutneys are the best friends of any cheese or spread, and also are a delicious accompaniment to any spicy stew or sandwich!! This giftbox will add a touch of versatility to any table spread during your holidays, full of delicious taste without waste. A 10% discount on your next purchase is included

The Pantry Essentials:
Roots Radicals Pantry Essentials are the classic and must-haves for anyone’s pantry, and the ones our community have chosen, as they always come back for them! In this bundle we have made a selection of our favorites, but you are also welcomed to curate your own! The set comes with one of our “Zero- Waste” Tote Bags – Organic and hand pressed in Berlin – plus a 10% discount code for our online shop.

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