Cauliflower Leaf Kimchi


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Product contains: 200 g

The “Asian” counterpart to sauerkraut, Kimchi has been made in Korea for centuries and is beloved not only for its exceptional taste but also for its many health benefits. Here at Roots, this tasty product represents the heart of our circular cooking concept: we make the kimchi with cauliflower leaves upcycled from the production of our Piccalilli salad. Once fermented, the leaves take on an enticing, unmistakable aroma and contain probiotics like lactic acid bacteria. Our Cauliflower Leaf Kimchi is amazing on its own and also works great with soups, rice, sandwiches, and much more!

Roots Radicals is a zero waste, circular economy food company. Our kimchi was made using 60% upcycled ingredients.

Keep refrigerated. Note: Keep in mind Kimchi lasts a very long time because its fermented and full of antibacterial properties (due to the garlic, ginger and chilli) – so we advice you take that in mind when you look at the MHD.

Ingredients. Cauliflower Leaves, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Onion, Ginger, Bell Pepper, Carrot, Chili Pepper, Sugar, Chili Flakes, Salt. This is a vegan product.

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