Seasonal Specialty Vinegars

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Our Roots Radicals Seasonal Specialty Vinegars evoke memories and inherited flavors. All of our vinegars are fully up-cycled products infused with the chilli stems from our fermented jalapeño hot sauce or made from scratch from the cores and peels of the pineapples, pears and quince that we use in our own production for products such as our our Smokey Pineapple Chutney,  Poached Pears, or Quince Paste. The end result is a delicate, aromatic and uniquely delicious vinegar that is alive and full of healthy bacteria to boost your immune system! Enjoy them in salads or marinades, as a base for pickling, to make your own fire cider or simply as a shot for a daily boost.

Store in a dry, cool place.


  • Pear Vinegar: Pear Vinegar.
  • Pineapple Vinegar: Pineapple Vinegar.
  • Fermented Jalapeño Stems Vinegar: Spicy! Infused Apple Cider with fermented jalapeño chilli stems.
Glass jar models may be different from the product photograph due to variations in size.

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